Andreani Imballaggi was founded in 1985. The company's experience and professionalism, aimed at research and development of innovative products, has led to the company becoming a recognised benchmark in this field. At our headquarters in Pesaro, in Via Brigata G.a.p. 20, in the Villa Fastiggi industrial zone, you can find materials and machinery for packaging: protective films, adhesive tapes (plain and printed), glues, pure cellulose wadding paper, stretch films, and machines for their application.


Our materials research and analysis, performed at the request of our customers, has led to the development of the company's permanent protective film, to ensure that crystal and mirrors remain anchored even under difficult conditions like extreme temperature changes, humidity and impacts.


The company rapidaly became the leader in this field, meeting even the most demanding requirements, solving the problems of each client, and advising on the film type best suited to individual needs thanks to the wide range we have available. The company adds value in storage, delivery speed,and shipping, as well as providing bespoke sizes ofthe same before delivery.

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